Dyeing Clothing

I spent last week feeling rather nourished, I attacked all my white clothing with leaves, petals and logwood to produce a whole range of hippyfied clothing. White is not a tone that suits my lifestyle and I’ve never managed to keep white around me for long.

Unraveling a bundle
The excitement of discovering what has printed!

Bundle Dyeing

I may have cheated… I bought some roses that were reduced from the supermarket! This goes against all the ideas of the Sorrel and Silk project, which was to use foliage and flowers from Derbyshire. However, in my defence, yesterday it was an immense effort to get out of the house.  I decided to have a go at just using petals and steaming the bundles to extract the colours from the petals. I’m really happy with the results.  I have had my eye on some flowers in my garden, but as my daughter planted them, they are untouchable.  These pieces will probably be used as backgrounds for collaged textile pieces later on this year.